More than fitness,
we’re family

Sure, everyone at Long Road  is passionate about living their best lives through better fitness, but we’re also passionate about supporting and encouraging each other. What we do at Long Road challenges you mentally as much as physically, and we’ve all been there. It’s the new and lifelong friendships that help you persevere and reach heights you never thought possible.

Demyth-ifying CrossFit

#1: I’m too old to crossfit.

Darla views her age as a catalyst to do more. Being more fit allows her to spend time traveling and tackling new activities with her family and friends.

“I have been a member of Long Road CrossFit since Nate and Crystal opened the doors in 2013!  My favorite part of Long Road is the overwhelming support from not only the owners and coaches, but all the members!  What started years ago with a small desire to get fit has turned into lifelong friendships with a bunch of fitness fanatics.” 😍 💪🏻😍  

Mother & daughter training together as a family group activity.

I’ll injure myself doing  crossfit.

Mark might be a Guinness record-holder for the most ACL tears that a human has ever endured in his years before tackling CrossFit. He doesn’t use this as an excuse to move less, but rather as a motivator to move better, while being aware of when to work with a coach and modify for safety when necessary.

“The entire experience has been absolutely amazing. Attending the morning class with such positive folks, is the best way to start the day. Nate and Crystal obviously set the vibe but there’s also a wonderful community of amazing coaches and fellow athletes that will push you as hard and as far as you will ever want to go. I encourage those who are hesitant to check out their open gym on Saturday morning at 9:00.”

A man lifting weights over his head.

Lifting Weights will make me bulky.

Trust us, you won’t! The people that train to compete are not like the rest of us. They train 3-5 hours a day, they calculate every calorie that enters their body, they make tradeoffs that many of us could not imagine in order to compete at the highest level.

If you shot a basketball for an hour a day, would that make you a shooter like Steph Curry or Larry Bird? I’m guessing probably not. So don’t worry that hitting the 4:45 class will probably get you looking like Tia any time soon.

Instead, an hour of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement will not get you bulky, but it will help you live a longer healthier life, which may include fat loss and an increase in muscle tone.

A muscular woman working out at the gym in Urbana Ohio

crossfit is a cult.

The dictionary defines a cult as “a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion.”

Well, it looks like we could possibly be guilty of this one. As a community we are “devoted” to living the longest, healthiest life possible. We support one another in the good times and the bad, while lifting as many in our community as we possibly can.  

We don’t let one another make excuses. We don’t find a reason to take a day off when it’s not needed. We call B.S. when it needs to be called. When we see a friend struggling to maintain their momentum, we’re not afraid to reach out to help get them back on track. We care, and love sharing health and wellness with those around us. There’s always room on the bus for those that want to be committed to making health and wellness priority number one. If a cult is characterized by a devoted community, then we embrace the term.

“The people who run [Long Road] are amazing. I am not a member. I just met the owners through all the community work they do. When they first opened, they introduced themselves and checked out my dad’s karate studio. Truly amazing and friendly people!”
— Karen King, VIA Google Review


Woman's crossfit training group.

Athlete of the Year

Mason Sherrock lifting weights.

Amy Domer  is the July ATHLETE OF THE YEAR 2021 for so many reasons.

Amy Domer is a model citizen of the Long Road community. She has had a long fitness journey and has worked hard, usually in silence, to get there on her own terms. She is kind to everyone she meets and we have never once heard her complain or whine. She is a true ray of light and always willing to step up to help a cause. 


Best coaches and the most encouraging group of people you will ever meet. No matter your shape, size or fitness level I encourage you to go. They are extremely patient and ensure that you do the moves correctly to prevent injury.

Missy Blacker

Long Road is the best CrossFit gym I’ve ever been to hands down. The facility has everything you could want, with coaches that know how to coach and make you better. No matter your fitness level, weight, or age; when you walk in those doors, you are accepted and encouraged by everyone. The atmosphere and community really make this place home!

Devin Algren