Jordan Lynn Hux

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with that being said.  

A month and a half ago I was lying in bed performing my usual self breast exam when I felt a hard, non-movable lump in my right breast. After comparing to my left I knew something was off. With my family history of breast cancer I wasn't going to take this lightly. I went the following day to the doctor and she was able to feel it before I had the chance to point it out to her. Two days later I got an ultrasound and mammogram. Due to being young I have dense breast tissue, so we went another step forward and removed it 2 weeks ago today. My surgeon was 99% sure things would come back fine. This past Monday I went to my appointment and I was told the lump was cancerous. Today I went to the James to meet with an oncologist. I was diagnosed with Stage I Invasive Ductal Carcinoma - Breast Cancer. With only being 22 years old and my strong family history, I will be having a bilateral mastectomy. Chemotherapy and radiation will not be known till the day of surgery when my lymph nodes are tested. Thursday I go back to schedule my surgery.  

Although this will be putting my schooling on hold and news that I did not want. I am thankful I caught it myself, I am thankful I caught it early, I am thankful for the amazing support and love that I have already been shown. I can't stress enough the importance of investing in your health and taking the time to be aware of your body.  

Also, for the first time ever I worked out with both of my parents this morning and I honestly couldn't be happier  


Friday, August 17, 2018 TODAY